What is a Sweat Belt? What is a Waist Belt?

A Sweat Belt, otherwise known as a Waist Belt, or Trimming Belt, is a belt that wraps around your stomach to encourage your body to burn calories during exercise.

How do sweat belts work? Are sweat belts effective? Can a Waist Belt reduce belly fat?

Sweat belts encourage the abdomen to go into thermogenesis and generate heat. This leads to sweat production, calorie burn and ultimately fat loss around the belly. User reviews claim that Sweat Belts are effective. 

Where to buy a Sweat Belt?

With thousands of products to choose from, and the best of which listed on this website, the best place to buy Sweat Belts is on Amazon, 

Which Sweat Belt is best?

This website is dedicated to identifying the best Sweat Belts to buy, based on number of reviews, average user ratings and manufacturer specifications.

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